Aug 26 12:21 pm

BPPS $100K: 10th Place – John Heaney ($1,236)

Level 22 (8,000/16,000/2,000)
Total BPPS Entrants: 272
Players Remaining: 9
Chip Average: 880,000

John Heaney (Wenonah, NJ)

John Heaney (Wenonah, NJ)

While John Heaney was able to get a few shoves through during the first few orbits of this final table, he was never called and thus, never able to double. The first time he was, he was dominated, as Abraham Korotki continued his run good from yesterday and picked up the first elimination, sending Heaney to the rail in 10th place towards the end of Level 22.

The action was picked up with Heaney moving all-in for just under 250,000 from under the gun and after the table folded around to Korotki, who was in the cut off, he asked for a count. He then called and when the rest of the table folded, he had Heaney on the ropes, as he held {Qc}{Qd} to the short stack’s {9c}{9d}.

Heaney picked up no help as the board ran out {Ac}{Kd}{2d}{4c}{6c} and the former World Series of Poker bracelet winner was eliminated in 10th place. He’ll make just over $1,200 for his final table run and it should be noted that from here on out, every elimination will come with a pay jump.

Abraham Korotki is now hovering just under the 2,000,000 chip mark.

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Aug 26 12:15 pm

BPPS $100K: Short Stacks Shoving, Korotki Draws First Blood

Level 22 (8,000/16,000/2,000)
Total BPPS Entrants: 272
Players Remaining: 10
Chip Average: 815,000

Abraham Korotki (Bethany Beach, DE)

Abraham Korotki (Bethany Bch, DE)

The first fifteen minutes of this final table have played out more or less like we thought they would, as the short stacks of John Heaney, Jordan Allan and Daniel Sewnig have all gotten shoves through to increase their stacks slightly.

Those increases dwarf in comparison to Abraham Korotki’s Day 3 start, as he just took down a sizable pot from the former chip leader John Germano, to move Korotki to the top spot at this BPPS final table.

The action was picked up on a board of {As}{7d}{6c}, with Korotki continuing for 37,000. Germano called to see the {7s} pair the board on the turn and Korotki led again, this time betting 90,000. Quickly, Germano announced “250 thousand”, for a raise, only to see Korotki, just as quickly, recheck his cards and announce himself “all-in”.

Germano hated to see that move, as he and Korotki were two of the bigger stacks coming into this final table and the only players who could do serious damage to one another. Eventually, he tapped the table and threw his hand towards the muck, conceding the pot to Korotki.

When the dust settled, Korotki was playing just over 1,600,000, making himself the new chip leader, while Germano is now playing just under 1,100,000.

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Aug 26 11:56 am

BPPS $100K: Cards In The Air For Final Table Restart

Level 22 (8,000/16,000/2,000)
Total BPPS Entrants: 272
Players Remaining: 10
Chip Average: 815,000

The players have been previewed, the stage set, meaning we are now ready to resume play at the BPPS final table. Players will restart with just over 24 minutes remaining in Level 22, meaning that the blinds and antes will be going up quickly, putting even more pressure on the short stacks of John Heaney, Jordan Allan and Daniel Sewnig.

The BPPS blog will be following the action until a champion is crowned later tonight, with a reminder of the final table chip counts and payouts listed below:

  1. Eilyah Asur – 1,390,000 (86 bb)
  2. Jordan Allan – 242,000 (15 bb)
  3. Daniel Sewnig – 197,000 (12 bb)
  4. Sundiata DeVore – 875,000 (54 bb)
  5. Abraham Korotki – 1,273,000 (80 bb)
  6. Joe ‘Worm’ Palma – 724,000 (45 bb)
  7. John Manzella – 973,000 (60 bb)
  8. John Germano – 1,485,000 (92 bb)
  9. John Heaney – 247,000 (15 bb)
  10. Justin Kadet – 652,000 (40 bb)

A reminder of the Final Table payouts are also listed below:

  1. $27,202
  2. $16,029
  3. $9,229
  4. $7,480
  5. $5,829
  6. $4,857
  7. $3,886
  8. $2,914
  9. $1,943
  10. $1,263

The button will be starting with John Germano in Seat 8.

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Aug 26 11:27 am

BPPS $100K: Previewing The Player’s Series Final Table

Level 22 (8,000/16,000/2,000)
Total BPPS Entrants: 272
Players Remaining: 10
Chip Average: 815,000

In close to an hour, ten players will return for the final table of the $100,000 GTD Borgata Poker Player’s Series final table and it couldn’t be a more diverse returning group if we tried. There are some seriously experienced professionals, players with multiple major tournament titles and countless career earnings to their credit. There are also up and comers, players still looking for that first breakthrough score, as well as some stone amateurs, looking to put their hands on their first ever Borgata Poker title.

Regardless of which of those archetypes ends up the victor here today, it should be an exciting day of poker, as a champion will be crowned and there is some serious prize money up for grabs. To prepare you for that journey towards a champion, we’ll run down the entire final table line up, introducing the first half of the field below:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.30.06 AM

  • Eilyah Asur (Pittsburgh, PA) – 1,390,000 (86 bb)
    • The Day 1B chip leader worked a roller coaster of a Day 2 session to make his first major tournament final table and according to the Hendon Mob, he’s already locked up his best career tournament score.
    • After bottoming out and being stuck with one of the shorter stacks with two tables remaining, Asur will return for this final table with the second biggest stack.
  • Jordan Allan (Glasgow, Scotland) – 242,000 (15 bb)
    • The Borgata cash game regular flew under the radar for the majority of yesterday’s Day 2 session, hovering near the chip average for most of the day before taking a few hits late to bag up one of the shorter stacks. Allan will return with just 15 big blinds but we’ve seen short stacks turn it around a few times throughout this event so one double up should put him back into contention for this title.
    • While he’s primarily a $2/$5 cash game player, Allan is looking to make his second straight cash in a Borgata Poker series, after recording a 39th place finish in the opening $500,000 GTD Summer Poker Open event. That was good for a $2,500 score and if he’s able to make a few pay jumps, he’ll better that result today.
  • Daniel Sewnig (Yardville, NJ) – 197,000 (12 bb)
    • The two shortest stacks at this final table are in close proximity, as Sewnig will return with just over ten big blinds and will likely need to spin it up and spin it up fast if he’s going to try to make a run at this title. Regardless, he’s making his first ever Borgata major final table, as the last time he finished 9th, he was part of a double knockout that sent him to the rail before the official final table came together.
    • Sewnig, who recently graduated from Ramapo College and has been on a tear online since, has already locked up his first four-figure score since finishing college and will now look to run good through the early levels and attempt to make a run at his first major title.
  • Sundiata DeVore (Brooklyn, NY) – 875,000 (54 bb)
    • After a big stack and two short stacks, Sundiata DeVore returns right above the chip average, which is where he hovered for the majority of the later stages of Day 2. He, along with the other players near the chip average, will return in an interesting position, as this ‘championship-like’ structure leaves the average stack near the 50 big blind mark, something that is not the norm in the majority of major tournaments.
    • Regardless of his stack size at the final table, DeVore has to be a threat, as he’s been on a tear this summer, notching multiple scores at regional events as well as a deep run in ‘The Colossus’ event at the WSOP. His best finish is his most recent, as he finished as the runner up in last month’s WFAN Summer Poker Open event for a $11,000 score.
  • Abraham Korotki (Bethany Beach, DE) – 1,273,000 (80 bb)
    • After returning from the dinner break with a ten big blind stack, Korotki turned it up, bossing the final level few levels of Day 2 to not only bag up one of the bigger stacks for this final table but also to put himself in a serious position to earn his seventh Borgata Poker title.
    • With over $1,300,000 in career earnings, Korotki is easily the most experienced player at today’s final table. Delaware’s all-time money leader has multiple deep runs and cashes in some of the countries biggest events, including WPT World Championships, World Series of Poker events and WSOP Circuit events. If he’s able to pick up that late Day 2 run good at this final table, the rest of the field better watch out because Korotki will become a massive threat to add to his Borgata Poker legacy.
That’s the first half of the BPPS final table, with the second half previewed below:
Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.30.18 AM
  • Joe ‘Worm’ Palma (Philadelphia, PA) – 724,000 (45 bb)
    • While the two shortest stacks find themselves next to each other at the start of the table, the two of the most experienced players are next to each other towards the middle, as Palma and Korotki are easily the most decorated players at this final table. The two played at the same table yesterday and while they didn’t get involved in many big hands together, they’ll likely be forced to if they can get to short handed play today.
    • Palma is the only player, other than Korotki, who has a Borgata Poker title to his name. Palma actually has two, from back-to-back wins during the 2013 Borgata Poker Open. He’ll look to add a third to his trophy case today, coming back just under the chip average.
  • John Manzella (Midland Park, NJ) – 973,000 (60 bb)
    •  Late in Day 2, Manzella joked that he “doesn’t belong here” because he’s “not as good as the rest of this field”. That was after a few players said he had “nine lives” after surviving near certain elimination a few times, including once one the direct bubble. In tournament poker there are bound to be escapes from dire circumstances and while Manzella has had a few, he’s now in a position to notch his best career finish.
    • He’ll return just under the 1,000,000 chip mark and has already locked up his first major tournament score since the 2014 Spring Poker Open ‘Seniors Event’.
  • John Germano (Providence, RI) – 1,485,000 (92 bb)
    • Ladies and gentleman, the BPPS final table chip leader, as John Germano returns with just under 1,500,000 after hovering near the top of the leaderboard throughout yesterday’s Day 2 session. While a majority of the big stacks fell, dropped and hit the rail, Germano remained a constant presence as a big stack.
    • That’s not surprising though, as Germano is coming off two of his best career results, notching a 2nd place finish in a Foxwoods $100,000 GTD event in July and then notching a deep run in the recent WSOP Circuit Main Event at Foxwoods. Those two scores total just under $18,000 and he’ll look to add to that total with another deep run here today.
  • John Heaney (Wenonah, NJ) – 247,000 (15 bb)
    • After leading this field for the majority of the post-money bubble levels, John Heaney hit some road blocks before the end of the night, eventually bagging up just 15 big blinds. Despite his short stack, Heaney remains a serious threat to take down this title, as he’s the only player at this final table to take down one of poker’s biggest and most prestigious events.
    • Heaney has just over $330,000 in career tournament earnings, with the better portion of that number coming from his 1994 World Series of Poker bracelet win in a $2,500 NLH event. Over a decade later, he’ll look to add another piece of hardware to his trophy case and will likely need a fast start and a quick double to do so.
  • Justin Kadet (Woodmere, NY) – 652,000 (40 bb)
    • Kadet was another quiet player through Day 2, staying out of big hands but always keeping himself near the chip average. He ended the night below that number but will still return with 40 big blinds, giving himself plenty of room to work at this final table.
    • Over the last few years, Kadet has close to two dozen rated scores to his name, with the majority of those coming at regional casinos such as Foxwoods and Borgata. His best finish though, came this summer in the WSOP ‘The Colossus’ event where he made a $7,000 score.
That’s who’s going to be playing for this $100,000 GTD BPPS title and regardless of how the next few hours play out, we’re sure to see one of these ten players steal the headlines by day’s end. We’re not sure who that’s going to be, but the BPPS blog will be following all the action as soon as cards are get in the air at 12 PM.
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