Aug 26 6:30 pm

BPPS $100K: Palma Quickly Recovers Thanks Flopped Full House

Level 28 (30,000/60,000/5,000)
Total BPPS Entrants: 272
Players Remaining: 3
Chip Average: 2,800,000

Joe 'Worm' Palma (Philadelphia, PA)

Joe ‘Worm’ Palma (Philadelphia, PA)

Just a few hands after making a big river fold to John Germano, Joe ‘Worm’ Palma was getting those chips back and more after flopping a full house and stringing both opponent’s along until the river.

The hand was picked up with Palma opening to 120,000 from the button, with both Germano and Abraham Korotki calling in the blinds. All three players checked the {Qc}{9c}{9d} flop, with Germano checking for a second time after the {6s} came on the turn. Korotki picked up the betting, firing out 225,000 and both Palma and Germano called to see the river.

The {3s} completed the board and the blinds both checked, with Palma cutting out 450,000 and pushing it over the line. Germano asked for a count and then called, only to see Palma table {Qh}{9H} after Korotki folded.

Germano could only laugh and while Abraham Korotki continues to see his stack drop thanks to the large blinds and antes, these two big stacks don’t seem like they are ready to shy away from one another just yet.

Both Germano and Palma are now playing close to 3,500,000 while Koroti is down just under the million chip mark.

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