Aug 26 6:00 pm

BPPS $100K: Jostling For Position Into Break

Level 28 (30,000/60,000/5,000)
Total BPPS Entrants: 272
Players Remaining: 3
Chip Average: 2,800,000

Three handed play, as suspected, as been slow and methodical, as the stacks remained close until the end of the last level. At the end of Level 27, Joe ‘Worm’ Palma moved himself into the chip lead, while six-time Borgata Poker champion Abraham Korotki has fallen slightly off the pace as he’s now under the chip average.

With these high blind levels, anything can happen, as the swings over the next few hours could be drastic with every pot. That means that even thought Korotki is the current short stack, he’s just one hand away from moving into the chip lead.

Regardless how those swings play out over the next few levels, the BPPS blog will follow the action, with an updated list of the counts provided below:

  1. Abraham Korotki – 1,810,000
  2. Joe ‘Worm’ Palma – 3,300,000
  3. John Germano – 3,040,000
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