Aug 23 11:58 am

BPPS $100K: Field Slowly Building…

Level 2 (75/150)
Total Day 1A Entries: 42

This ‘championship-like’ Player’s Series structure should create an interesting dynamic when it comes to the number of early entries in each Day 1 flight. Unlike normal structured events, the longer levels and 30,000 chip starting stack of this event will allow players to get into the action late and not face much of a¬†punishment¬†for their tardiness.

Thus far, it seems as though that late registration trend will be rearing it’s head in Day 1A, as just over 40 players are currently seated in the tournament area as play is set to enter Level 2.

As the tables begin to populate, the updates from the BPPS blog will continue to highlight players in the field and bring you pertinent information from this Day 1A flight.

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