Mar 29 6:39 pm

BPPS 1500 (Day 2): Three In A Row For Thurman, But He’s Crippled

Level 18 (3,000/6,000/500)
Total Entries: 37
Players Remaining: 3
Chip Average: 380,000

George St. Lawrence (Goshen, NY)

George St. Lawrence (Goshen, NY)

When you’re at a Final Table three handed, pocket Aces might are more or less gold but somehow, Dennis Thurman has been dealt {Ax}{Ax} in three consecutive hands and he’s now sitting under the 100,000 chip mark after getting them cracked in a massive pot with George St. Lawrence.

The action was picked up pre-flop in the second of the three Aces hands for Thurman with St. Lawrence opening from the button to 18,000.

Thurman would then bump the action to 43,000 and St. Lawrence would just call, in position to see the flop.

Thurman would check the {Kc}{2s}{Jd} flop, allowing St. Lawrence to fire out a bet of 45,000, only for Thurman to quickly click it back to 100,000 even.

Almost just as quickly, St. Lawrence declared himself all-in, with Thurman swiftly sliding his stack across the line for a call.

St. Lawrence would table {Kh}{Jh} and Thurman would throw down {Ac}{Ad} and say, “I had ’em last hand too, pair the board dealer!” only to see the turn and river brick out with the {7c} and {6s}.

No one, including ourselves realized how close the two were in chips, as St. Lawrence has recovered since stumbling out of the gate in Level 18 and when the counts were finalized, it was St. Lawrence looking like the new chip leader and Thurman crippled well under the century mark, playing less than 20 big blinds.

On the very next hand, Thurman would open shove from the button and after both players folded their blinds, he would throw over {Ac}{As} screaming, “No one thinks I’m on tilt, come on and call.”

St. Lawrence hesitated in folding his big blind and he eventually was glad he did, as Thurman has been dealt pocket Aces three times in a row and is now somehow the shortest stack remaining with less than 10 % of the total chips in play.

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