Mar 29 5:19 pm

BPPS 1500 (Day 2): Three Handed Counts

Level 17 (2,500/5,000/500)
Total Entries: 37
Players Remaining: 3
Chip Average: 380,000

While the remaining three players are just over 20 minutes away from the end of Level 17 and the next break, the next hour of play should be very telling as the pay jumps get very steep and the blinds and antes will be increasing shortly meaning that the two shorter stacked players will feel a little more pressure, onto of the pressure already being applied by the big stacked Vince Ciarrocchi.

Ciarrocchi has done nothing but chip up since this BPPS 1500 Final Table got down to the final three players and he now has a close to 2:1 advantage over both George St. Lawrence and Dennis Thurman.

A complete list of the three handed chip counts are listed below:

  1. George St. Lawrence – 225,000
  2. Dennis Thurman – 275,000
  3. Vince Ciarrocchi – 600,000

The remaining BPPS 1500 payouts are also listed below:

  1. $22,115
  2. $13,823
  3. $8,294
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