Mar 16 3:16 pm

BPPS 500 (Day 2): “It’s About To Get Moving Now”

Level 27 (25,000/50,000/5,000)
Total BPPS 500 Entries: 363
Players Remaining: 7
Chip Average: 1,550,000

It’s been a slow last half hour since Steve Sarmiento was eliminated in 8th place, but with the blinds and antes about to go up again the pace should pick up here as the big blind will cost 50,000 chips.

With a 5,000 chip ante, each orbit will cost these players just over 100,000 chips and it’s because of that fact that Vinny Pahuja just said, “It’s about to get moving now.” as Level 27 has just begun.

There’s been some movement to the stacks but the majority of the hands over the last half hour have been decided pre-flop with most three-bets closing the action before it can amount to much of anything.

The updated counts look as such:

  1. Jeff Gross – 2,600,000
  2. Mickey Woll – 2,000,000
  3. Renata Colache – 550,000
  4. Vinny Pahuja – 1,800,000
  5. Vinny Masino –1,100,000
  6. Nate Parenti – 1,500,000
  7. Antonio Walker – 1,700,000
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