Mar 13 10:57 am

Player’s Series 500 About To Begin

It’s been over a month since the dates for the first ever Borgata Poker Player’s Series were announced and in that time, the hype and excitement generated by the new series has been palpable as players have been talking up the three weekend long event almost nonstop since, taking to twitter to voice their appreciation for the event.

It’s no surprise that the BPPS has generated so much interest over the last few weeks, as this series offers players longer levels and bigger starting stacks which add up to a “championship-like” structure, starting with the BPPS 500 which is just under 15 minutes away from getting started.

A complete rundown of the structure will be posted once play begins and will be followed by a posting of the BPPS schedule for not only this weekend, but also the upcoming Player’s Series events through the rest of the month.

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