Mar 13 2:03 pm

BPPS 500 (Day 1A): “What Time We Ending?”

Level 4 (100/200/25)
Total Day 1A Entries: 122

During our last walk through the tournament area we were asked close to a dozen times, “What time are we ending today?”

So, we’ve ran the numbers and come up with an estimated end time for both Day 1A and 1B’s starting flights to be around 9 PM tonight.

That takes into consideration five ten minute breaks, so with some breaks lasting 15 minutes for color ups, we are giving ourselves fifteen minutes on either side of that 9 PM cut off just to be safe.

As for the late registration period that should end around 4 PM, after the Level 6 break, leaving close to two hours for players to get into the Borgata Poker Player’s Series 500 action.

As it stands, players are just 15 minutes from the end of Level 4 and their next break, after which the updates on tournament size and player features will continue.

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